Delixi 2.2kw Delixi Pump Inverter

KSh 44,000.00


Delixi pump inverter is a special frequency inverter for PV power AC pump, it converts direct current, which from a solar module array to alternating current for driving a different type of AC pump. for maximizing the drive of the pump motor, the product adopts a high-precision and fast MPPT algorithm to track the maximum power point of the output of the solar module. meanwhile, ac input from a power grid or generator is accepted, when there is insufficient power from solar modules, for whole-day running and diverse requirements. specifications input: dc 200-400w ac 1ph 220+15% 50/60hz output: ac 1ph 0v~uinput 0~320hz 14.0av 2.2kw what’s in the box


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