Tumurly® Wind Turbines

Egypt Power is delighted to introduce Tumurly Wind Turbines, a revolutionary solution in the realm of renewable energy. As partners, we bring you a synergy of quality, innovation and sustainability. 

Engineered with precision, these turbines boast durability that stands firm against the challenges of diverse climates. 

Moreover, Tumurly turbines operate silently. They are also tailored for commercial, residential, and agricultural applications. Tumurly turbines offer versatile solutions to meet unique energy needs of every sector.

Tumurly turbines are extremely durable and efficient. Their generators are equipped with aluminum cooling fans. When the wind exceeds 3m/s, the turbine will rotate freely by exceeding the holding torque. The turbines generate AC electricity to charge DC batteries, or feed an on-grid inverter to be connected to the grid.

Tumurly Turbines Are:

1. Energy cost saving from wind generated power.

2. No scheduled maintenance.

3. Designed to reliably operate in harsh, cold and hot climates.

4. Operation creates virtually no environmental impact. 

5. Cost effective and financially viable.

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